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News and Updates:
  • [2017-05-05] Opus v1.2-alpha2 binaries have been updated.
  • [2017-05-04] MediaInfoXP v2.26 (MediaInfoLib v0.7.95) has been released.
  • [2017-04-22] Double Filer Scanner v2.04 has been released.
  • [2017-04-17] StdUtils plug-in for NSIS v1.11 has been released.
  • [2017-04-15] Dynamic Audio Normalizer v2.10 has been released.
  • [2017-04-01] Simple x264/x265 Launcher v2.80 (Build #1100) is available.
  • [2016-12-11] MPlayer for Windows has been updated (Build #135).
  • [2016-11-19] LameXP v4.14 Final (Build #1934) has been released.
  • [2016-06-08] MParallel v1.0.4 has been released.
  • [2016-03-31] MHash-384 library v1.0.1 has been released.
  • [2015-11-05] Chromium updater v1.14 has been released.
  • [2015-09-26] INetGet (CLI front-end to WinINet) v1.01 has been released.

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+++ Current Projects +++

LameXP  ★ ★ ★ 10th Anniversary Edition ★ ★ ★

Audio Encoder Front-End for LAME MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, MP4/AAC and many more (Details).

Project Web-site: SourceForge  |   Source Mirrors: GitHub · CodePlex · Bitbucket · GitLab · Assembla

LameXP Screenshot

MPlayer for Windows  Featured

All-in-one installation packages for the award-winning OpenSource media player MPlayer for the Windows platform.

Project Web-sites: MPlayer on Windows · SMPlayer  |  Source Mirrors: GitHub · Bitbucket · GitLab · Assembla ·

MPlayer Screenshot

Simple x264/x265 Launcher  Featured

A lightweight front-end for the x264 (H.264) and x265 (HEVC) encoders with Avisynth and VapourSynth support.

Source Mirrors: GitHub · Bitbucket · GitLab · Assembla ·  |  Downloads: · VideoHelp

x264 Launcher Screenshot

MediaInfoXP  Featured

GUI for MediaInfo, an OpenSource tool for displaying technical information about media files.

MediaInfoXP Screenshot

Dynamic Audio Normalizer  Featured

A library, command-line tool, VST/Winamp plug-in and SoX effect for advanced dynamic audio normalization.

Dynamic Audio Normalizer Screenshot

NSIS StdUtils Plug-in  Featured

This "Swiss Army Knife" plug-in adds support for various C Standard Library functions to NSIS. It also includes many others functions!

NSIS StdUtils

Double File Scanner  Featured

This tool allows for detecting duplicate files on your hard-drive quickly, based on SHA-1 hashes.

Doubel File Scanner Screenshot

+++ Misc Utilities +++


MParallel is a parallel batch processing command-line tool, perfectly suited for multi-core systems.

MParallel Screenshot

MHash-384 Library

MHash-384 is a fast portable header-only hashing library, providing bindings for many languages.

MHash384 Screenshot

INetGet for Windows

Simple command-line tool for downloading files via HTTP(S) or FTP, based on the WinINet API.

INetGet Screenshot


Benchmarking application for command-line program, using high-precision timers.

TimedExec Screenshot

StdOut/StdErr Logger

Save the stdout/stderr of an application to a log file, while still printing it to the console.

StdOut/StdErr Logger Screenshot


WMA to Wave Audio command-line converter/decompressor.

wma2wav Screenshot

Chromium Updater

Automatically update the Chromium web-browser to the latest snapshot build available.

Chromium Updater Screenshot

Directory Size Calculator

Tool for recursively calculating the total size of a directory tree.

DirSizeCalc Screenshot

Temp Cleaner

Lists all files located in your TEMP directory and reliably removes these files from your system.

Temp Cleaner Screenshot

+++ Recommended 3rd-Party +++

Opus Tools  Created by

Opus is a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec (Details).

Opus-Tools Screenshot

Avidemux for Windows  Created by Mean/Gruntster

Cross-platform video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks (Details).

Avidemux Screenshot

+++ Legacy Projects +++

MakeInstantPlayer   Discontinued (for now)

Tool for creating self-running video files, based on the MPlayer engine.

MakeInstantPlayer Screenshot

SFX Tool   Discontinued (for now)

Graphical user interface and script generator for the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.

SFX Tool Screenshot

Avisynth Proxy GUI for Avidemux   Discontinued (for now)

This GUI offers a simple way to use Avidemux' Avisynth Proxy without any scriptng skills.

AVS Proxy Screenshot

NSIS List Plug-in   Discontinued

This plugin adds the capability of creating, managing and manipulating lists/maps to NSIS.

NSIS List Screenshot

UHARC/GUI   Discontinued

Graphical user interface for the UHARC file archiver. This project is outdated, better use 7-Zip nowadays!

UHARC GUI Screenshot

System Information   Discontinued

A simple tool to display information about your local system..

System Information Screenshot

MEncoder 264   Discontinued

Graphical user interface for H.264 video encoding based MEncoder and x264.

MEncoder 264 Screenshot

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